About us

Who are we?

Skudy was founded by two former (international) students in Korea. As both of them realized from their personal experience that studying in Korea was an absolutely amazing, unique, incredibly fun, challenging but rewarding experience, they set out to share their wonderful experience with the whole world.

This eventually became Skudy’s mission: to bring the best of Korea’s university life to the world, and to support students to achieve their dream of studying in Korea.

Skudy’s vision is based on five strategic objectives:

  • Build: a community of international students in Korea, organized to improve the students experience in Korea
  • Erase: all language barriers, paperwork hassle, painful administrative tasks international students may face in Korea.
  • Assist: all talented students in achieving their academic and professional goals in Korea
  • Support: the goals of the Korean government to attract 300,000 international students by 2030, and the general globalization of Korean universities
  • Promote: higher standards of education and global scholarship

Why Should You Choose Skudy?

You will save time

  • Answer all your studying in a Korean university related questions immediately, through email or direct chat, saving you precious time looking up the answers online (if they exist at all…)
  • Take out all the tedious and time consuming administrative tasks from your schedule so you can focus on what’s important
  • Map out a strategic time framework for you so you know exactly how much time each task requires (eg. time needed to fill out the form, write the essay, study Korean, etc.)
  • Generally work fast to deliver top quality work

You will get expert advice

Skudy is run by former international students in Korea, who completed their Bachelor and Masters degrees at top institutions in Korea. Some of our consultants got jobs at top Korean and global corporations, went to graduate school, worked in academia, and some even became naturalized Korean citizens! Not only that this guarantees our expertise (been here, done that!), but it clearly shows our passion about the topic.

You will get expert advice

Not required but helpful for your application: Internationally recognized Standardized Tests (SAT, A level, etc.), Scholastic Certificates of Achievement, Prizes, etc. and generally any supporting documents that proves your ability and attachment to Korea

All documents must be written in English or Korean. Although universities clearly accept both English and Korean applications, in our experience it’s always better to submit your documents in Korean to make it easy on the admission committee to evaluate your profile.

As part of our premium service, we offer full translation of all documents to English and Korean. Check out our services.

You will benefit from Skudy’s network

We are not simply some university referral company. We believe in high quality, customized and localized service, which is why our Seoul based team will be ready to assist you with all your requests. Beyond our premium Korean university admission service, Skudy has a number of partnerships our clients can benefit from, such as cheaper phone plans, cheap and comprehensive insurance options, better housing options, and other insider deals and tips exclusively for Skudy clients!

A Step-By-Step Approach

We are here to make the process as painless and smooth as possible. We will guide you throughout the whole process, step-by-step until we craft together a great application, and get you admitted to the university of your dreams.

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