Why Study in Korea?

Country of about 55 million inhabitants, South Korea is one of the most dynamic developed countries in the world, and is an exceptional study abroad destination. Whether you are interested in a full-time undergraduate or graduate degree, a summer camp or simply studying the Korean language, Korea has something to offer for everyone, making it a great destination for international students no matter their goals.

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Reasons to study in Korea

1. Quality of academic programs

Korea’s universities are part of the global top-tier institutions with rigorous, selective and advanced academic programs. Out of the Top 20 Universities in Asia (Ranked by QS World University Ranking), no less than 6 of them are Korean! The worldwide rankings attest to the reputation and quality of the universities: for example, Seoul National University and KAIST are respectively ranked 36 and 40 worldwide!

The faculty of top Korean universities includes distinguished professors who completed their PhDs at the most renowned American or European universities (Ivy League / Oxford / Cambridge / MIT / Etc.), often after teaching many years in their school before returning to Korea. In other words, you will benefit from a very similar education in quality, content and methods comparable to the best universities in the world (often using the same books), for a fraction of the price!

2. Variety of options and programs

Korean universities offer various study abroad options. You will find a wide selection of programs at all levels, whether you are interested in undergraduate engineering studies, a diploma in international relations, an MBA or doing advanced scientific research with high added value! (Find out more here)

Maybe you are already enrolled in university and would prefer a short term study abroad experience? No problem! Numerous exchange and visiting student programs are offered every semester, in addition to academic summer campus programs in which you can combine fun and academics in a great experience! (Find out more here)

Finally, you can opt for studying the Korean language at numerous universities and language institutes offering flexible language training programs, that often include various cultural activities to fully immerse yourself in Korea while studying. (Find out more here)

No matter what your aspirations are, you can always find a suitable option!

3. Beautiful and ultramodern campuses

Campus life in Korea is a truly unique experience and college campuses are on another level. Thanks to the continuous investment by private universities and the Korean government alike, facilities at Korean universities are world-class, often with beautiful and grandiose architecture.

Check for yourself:

Korea University Campus – Seoul

As a student in Korea, you will enjoy connected classrooms, state-of-the-art research abs, comfortable and inexpensive university residences, dedicated study rooms open 7/24 with private lockers, and multiple cheap food outlets on campus. You just have to focus on academic excellence!

4. Global experience

The international atmosphere is also a significant part of campus life in Korea; on average, nearly 2000 students from 50 different nationalities are present on Korean campuses! As a student in Korea, in addition to all the Korean friends you will make, you will bond with friends from all over the world and make a truly international network. The experience is resolutely global!

5. Amazing and fun environment

A few reasons that make Korea one of the best student destinations in the world:

  • Korea is safe: Korea is one of the safest countries in the world, with one of the lowest crime rates in the world. In practice, you can go out at any time of day or night without fearing anything for your safety or your belongings.
  • Korea is fun: no matter what your definition of a fun time is, you can be sure Korea will cater to your needs. With a rich nightlife, a dynamic esports and gaming scene, numerous concerts and festivals throughout the year, we guarantee you will never be bored while living here!
  • Korea has the fastest internet connection in the world, and wherever you are in the country you will be connected, for free or at a very low price. It’s just on another level.
  • Korean food is diverse, rich and affordable. Enough said 🙂
  • Korea never sleeps: in most cities you will find cafes, restaurants, pubs, supermarkets and even hairdressers operating 24 hours a day!

6. Career prospects

A degree from a top Korean university will open up many opportunities for your career. Samsung, LG, Hyundai, to cite a few Korean global brands that are world leaders in their industries, need to recruit globally in order to position themselves competitively on the global market, which is why they value international students who completed a degree in Korea for their versatility, language skills and added cultural background.

Many of these companies run recruiting programs specifically for international graduates of Korean universities!

If on the other hand, your ambitions lead you to an international career, doing your studies in South Korea will also open many doors for you, as your valuable study abroad experience will appeal to recruiters from all over the world!

Your goals are in academia? Doing cutting edge research by enrolling in a PhD program in Korea is certainly a great choice, as Korean universities have an excellent reputation in academia. But if ultimately you aim to move to another country for graduate school afterwards, a degree from a top Korean university will tremendously increase your chances to get admitted to the most prestigious graduate schools on Earth. For example, the SKY schools in particular are notoriously big feeders to the Ivy League universities and placement rates are excellent!

7. Cost of education

While South Korea’s cost of living is certainly not cheap, it is cheaper compared to similarly developed countries. Students can enjoy a world-class education for a fraction of the price, thanks to reasonable tuition fees and generally affordable campus dormitories and restaurants ! Korean universities also offer generous merit-based and need-based scholarships, in an effort to attract more international universities.

Part-time job possibilities also exist. As an international student, you will have the opportunity to get a part-time job in Korea (within the limits of 20h a week, after permission from the Immigration Office. Please check our FAQ for more details about how to apply), especially as a tutor of foreign languages, as Koreans love to learn new languages!

8. Korean language

Korean is one of the easiest Asian languages to learn; it will take you at most 2 days to learn the alphabet! As Korean uses Hangul, the Korean alphabet, it is much easier to pick up than Japanese or Chinese, and will take you at most 2 days to learn the whole alphabet and start reading signs in the street. A wealth of very well structured Korean language training programs , both full-time and part-time, are offered by universities and language centers alike, should you wish to master the language and finally talk to Oppa in Korean 😉

9. Friendly immigration policy

Finally, for students who wish to settle down in Korea in the future and live the K-dream, this is a great time to apply and study in Korea; the country faces a serious demographic problem and needs an influx of young, productive immigrants to support the economy. Which is why the Korean government’s immigration policies have been very accommodating for international students, offering a job search visa and a points-system residence visa with significant advantages for Korean degree holders.

In addition, the Ministry of Education has already announced their objective to attract 200,000 students by 2020, and the Immigration Office has established the Korean Integration Program (KIIP) for a smoother integration to the Korean society and a reliable gateway for permanent residency and citizenship.